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After an extensive rebuild at Metur Yachts in Bodrum, Turkey, the famous 1927 Int. 8-Metre Hollandia is back in her element and ready to join the fleet! Hollandia was designed and built in 1927 by Holland’s premier naval architect, G. de Vries Lentsch, to represent Holland at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. Launched the year before she was shipped to Genoa to compete for the Coppa d’Italia and on her first outing she made a great showing taking home this so very prestigious trophy. The following year, at 1928 Olympics, she won silver, narrowly defeated by another legend of her time; Virgine Heriot’s Aile VI. In 1933 Hollandia was sold to Germany where she competed in the Baltic fleet. After the war Hollandia disappeared behind the Iron Curtain, out of sight for all of us but, as it turned out, not lost!Her story continued in a new communist World where, in the early fifties students of the University of Rostock decided to design and build a yacht to sail & visit their new comrades in Cuba. When looking for lead to cast a keel.